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2010 MLB GM Challenge Team (Mariners)

Starting Line-Up


Starting Rotation


Top 10 Prospects

1) Jesus Montero , C, Grade A: I know that his position is up in the air, but I love this bat so much that I'm going to give him a straight Grade A. This is a Mike Piazza /Manny Ramirez type bat. (Acquired from Yankees)

2) Mike Montgomery, LHP, Grade B+ : Looks like the best combination of projection and performance in the organization. (Acquired from Royals) 

3) Michael Saunders , OF, Grade B : I don't like him as much as some people do. I see him more as a solid .270/.330/.450 type than a future star, but he should have a long career.

4) Manny Banuelos, LHP, Grade B- : Borderline Grade B. Intriguing young lefty, undersized but has a very good arm and has performed quite well thus far. (Acquired from Yankees)

5) Gabriel Noriega , SS, Grade B- : I have issues with his strike zone judgment, but am intrigued enough with his youth, glove, and overall tools to cut him some slack at this point. Could go up to B+ next year, or down to C if he can't hit at Clinton.

6) Alex Liddi , 3B, Grade B- : High Desert inflates his numbers, but I think he made some real progress. He looks like a better player to me at this point than Triunfel. Double-A will tell us a lot.

7) Carlos Triunfel , SS-3B, Grade B- : Injury mulligan. . .but at some point the numbers have to start living up to the hype. Doesn't turn 20 until February, but he looks more like a third baseman to me than a shortstop.

8) Nick Franklin, SS, Grade B- : Very intriguing middle infielder from the '09 draft, could make a great DP combo with Noriega.

9) Michael Pineda, RHP, Grade B- : Pitched great at High Desert. Main concern is health. I know scouts aren't wild about him, but I prefer him to the tools goofs on the rest of the list. However, I have enough concerns about his elbow to keep him at a B-. If he's healthy I think he's going to surprise people.

10) Eric Hosmer, 1B, Grade B- : A difficult grade. Will the lasik surgery fix whatever was bothering him in '09?  If so, could vault back to the top of the list. (Acquired from Royals)

Completed Trades

  • Seattle Mariners acquired Jesus Montero, Robinson Cano, and Manny Banuelos from the New York Yankees for Jose Lopez and Ryan Rowland-Smith
  • Seattle Mariners acquire Zack Grienke, Mike Montgomery, and Eric Hosmer from the Kansas City Royals for Ichiro Suzuki , Dennis Ackley, and Joshua Fields

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Mid-August GM Challenge


  • Catcher - Brian McCann
  • 1st Baseman - Adam LaRoche
  • 2nd Baseman - Kelly Johnson
  • Shortstop - Yunel Escobar
  • 3rd Baseman - Chipper Jones
  • Left-Fielder - Garret Anderson
  • Center-Fielder - Nate McLouth
  • Right-Fielder - Matt Diaz


  • Center Fielder - Gregor Blanco
  • Left Fielder/1st Baseman - Greg Norton
  • 1st Baseman/Shortstop/3rd Baseman - Martin Prado
  • Catcher - David Ross
  • 3rd Baseman/Shortstop/2nd Baseman - Diory Hernandez

Starting Rotation

  • Derek Lowe
  • Javier Vazquez
  • Jair Jurrjens
  • Tommy Hanson
  • Kenshin Kawakami


  • Mike Gonzalez (Closer)
  • Rafael Soriano (Set-Up Man)
  • Peter Moylan
  • Buddy Carlyle
  • Eric O'Flaherty
  • Manny Acosta
  • Boone Logan
  • Kris Medlen

Top Prospects

 1) Jason Heyward, OF, Grade A-: A personal favorite, though he actually hit fewer homers than expected. Broad base of skills.
2) Frederick Freeman, 1B, Grade B+: Debating whether or not to move him up to A-. Not as broad a skill base as Heyward, but power and youth stand out.
3) Thomas Hanson, RHP, Grade B+: Looks good to me, though will need some Triple-A to put on the finishing touches. Number Two starter ceiling.
4) Jordan Schafer, OF, Grade B+: I should have put him on the Rotowire Top 100 list. Will be in the 50/50 for the book. Power, speed, defense, OBP, and played well without the juice.
5) Cole Rohrbough, LHP, Grade B: Excellent ceiling. I cannot prove why objectively, but I worry a bit about his arm. Needs sharper command too.
6) Craig Kimbrel, RHP, Grade B: I hesitate to grade relief prospects this highly, but I can’t ignore his early dominance.
7) Kris Medlen, RHP, Grade B-: Am I overrating him? Looks like he could be a really good swingman.
8) Jeff Locke, LHP, Grade B-: I’ve liked him since he was in high school. Like Rohrbough, worry some about injuries.
9) Randall Delgado, RHP, Grade B-: Needs better command, but a high ceiling guy.
10) Brett DeVall, LHP, Grade B-: A long way away, but a high ceiling.


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GM's in August GM Challenge

AL East

New York Yankees - Ichiro51
Boston Red Sox - Wsox13
Tampa Bay Rays - kcboy49
Toronto Blue Jays - roxfan4life
Baltimore Orioles - yanksfan2

AL Central

Detriot Tigers - Henderson23
Chicago White Sox - vikingsfan173
Minnesota Twins - WIBADGERS
Cleveland Indians -
Kansas City Royals - Royallover10

AL West

Los Angeles Angels - LBJWitness21
Texas Rangers - lethal weapons
Seattle Mariners - gocubsgo09
Oakland Athletics - Da Huvster

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies - monkeypie28
Atlanta Braves - GTucker
New York Mets - Taken IDK the Username
Florida Marlins - Timtebow1515
Washington Nationals - RandyMoss81

NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers - xBrown_Town
St. Louis Cardinals - Iowa Hawkeyes
Chicago Cubs - JaguarFan34
Houston Astros - mudkip86
Cincinatti Reds -
Pittsburgh Pirates -

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers - Nosferatu93
Colorado Rockies - sjkqw
San Fransisco Giants -  Cain=CYYOUNG
Arizona Diamondbacks - BADERSALLTHEWAY
San Diego Padres - MIZ-SIU

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August GM Challenge Team

Starting Line-Up

  • Catcher - Jason Kendall
  • 1st Baseman - Travis Ishikawa
  • 2nd Baseman - Felipe Lopez
  • Shortstop - J.J. Hardy
  • 3rd Baseman - Miguel Cabrera
  • Left Field - Ryan J. Braun
  • Center Field - B.J. Upton
  • Right Field - Cameron Maybin


  • Center Fielder/Right Fielder - Jody Gerut
  • 2nd Baseman/Center Fielder - Hernan Iribarren
  • Left Fielder/Right Fielder - Frank Catalanatto
  • 3rd Baseman/Shortstop/2nd Baseman - Craig Counsell
  • Catcher/1st Baseman - Mike Rivera

Starting Rotation

  • Yovani Gallardo
  • Trevor Cahill
  • Manny Parra
  • Jeremy Hellickson


  • Trevor Hoffman (Closer)
  • Todd Coffey
  • Mark DeFelice
  • Tim Dilliard
  • R.J. Swindle
  • Claudio Vargas
  • Mitch Stetter

Top 10 Prospects

1) Cameron Maybin, OF, Grade A-: He’s got some flaws, but overall I buy into the notion that he will refine his tools into skills. Just don’t expect him to win batting titles.
2) Trevor Cahill, RHP, Grade B+: Borderline A-. I like him an awful lot. Just needs to cut down on the walks a bit. Rate him just a tad higher than Anderson due to a better ceiling.
3) Mat Gamel, 3B, Grade B+: Bat is very impressive, not sure about where he fits on the roster due to defensive limitations.
4) Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Grade B+: Excellent combination of command with solid stuff.
5) Adrian Cardenas, 2B, Grade B: I think he’s a second baseman. Equivalent to a college junior entering 2009.
6) Brett Lawrie, C, Grade B: One of my favorite players from the 2008 draft. I totally buy into the bat. Only questions about position keep him from B+.
7) Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Grade B: Huge upside with 100 MPH fastball, putting things together gradually, still learning to pitch.
8) Jon Lucroy, C, Grade B: Strong bat, underrated defense pushes him ahead of Salome in my opinion.
9) Angel Salome, C, Grade B: He can mash, but defense continues to draw mixed reviews, and if he can’t catch where does he play?
10) Lorenzo Cain, OF, Grade B-: Tools guy continues to improve his skills.

Trades Completed

  • Brewers acquire Scott Kazmir, B.J. Upton, and Jeremy Hellickson from the Rays for Prince Fielder and Carlos Villanueva
  • Brewers acquire Trevor Cahill and Adrian Cardenas from the Athletics for Braden Looper, Alcides Escobar, and Jake Odorizzi
  • Brewers acquire Travis Ishikawa from the Giants for Bill Hall
  • Brewers acquire Hunter Pence from the Astros for Mike Cameron and Taylor Green
  • Brewers acquire Cameron Maybin from the Marlins for Hunter Pence, Caleb Gindl, and Cody Scarpetta
  • Brewers acquire Miguel Cabrera from the White Sox for Scott Kazmir, Chris Smith, and Casey McGehee

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Angels - Trade Deadline Challenge


C - Mike Napoli
1B - Kendry Morales
2B - Ian Kinsler
3B - Chone Figgins
SS - Erick Aybar
LF - Ryan Ludwick
CF - Rick Ankiel
RF - Jay Bruce
DH - Vladimir Guerrero

Outfielder - Ryan Church
Outfielder - Gary Matthews Jr,
Outfielder - Nelson Cruz
Infielder - Macier Itzuris
Infielder - Sean Rodriguez
Infielder - Brandon Wood

SP - Joe Saunders
SP - Ervin Santana
SP - Matt Palmer
SP - Derek Holland
SP - Sean O'Sullivan

RP - Brian Fuentes
RP - Kevin Jepsen
RP - Matt Lindstrom
RP - Rich Thompson
RP - Justin Speier
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